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Diane Ogden
Turn Your Photo into an Oil Painting Portrait on Canvas.
Portrait Artist on Long Island

Diane OdgenDiane Ogden - Long Island Professional Portrait Artist

An award-winning artist who hails from Long Island, New York, Diane Ogden has paintings gracing private collections throughout the United States. The artist creates commissioned portraits from photos. She can paint from either a favorite photo of your choosing, or from a photo session scheduled with the artist, who will then help you decide which is best suited for your portrait. Her only desire is that you love your painting! Diane feels that there is no higher honor than to create a living memory in oils for you and your loved ones.

Diane began painting landscapes and still lifes in 1984, moved on to nudes and figure studies and ultimately discovered her great passion...portraits. She states, "As a figurative and portrait artist working in oils, I love painting faces because they are the 'windows of the heart' and a reflection of our truest essence as human beings." Diane's inspiration rises from the joy, sadness and incredible beauty she observes in the people who surround her. "What we feel is reflected in our faces...our eyes... this is what I want to capture...this is what matters most..."

Diane experiences her greatest joy when she captures and preserves in oils those "windows of the heart" she has been permitted to glimpse, so that they may live on forever through her work.


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